Elk Chili

Elk Chili


Almost everyone is raising their eyebrows when it comes to consuming elk meat. Recently, it is now being bred and its meat is sold in the market. It is consumed just like the meats from pig, chicken, sheep and many others. Its meat has a different texture, aroma and, of course, taste. Cooking it like its beef on a Chili Con Carne is more than satisfying. The Elk Chili is one of the easiest and the best dish to cook it with. It gives out the natural flavors of the meat. Plus, the combination of the tomatoes and the chili on it is mouth-watering.


The ingredients needed for this recipe can easily be found. They are ubiquitous. However, for those who are trying it outside the USA, finding elk meat would be a little harder. The better thing is that it can be substituted by any other meat that will suit one’s taste. Here is the list.

• Elk meat, diced or grind
• Onions, preferably yellow
• Tomato sauce
• Tomatoes, preferably Italian stewed
• Kidney beans, canned or fresh
• Green chili, diced
• Chili powder
• Cumin
• Oregano
• Black pepper
• Brown sugar

All the seasonings should be at 1 teaspoon. A can for each tomato sauce, Italian stewed tomatoes, and kidney beans. Elk meat should be at least one and a half pound. All these can at least feed 6 people.

Preparation Instructions:

The first thing to do is make the elk meat tender. Put it in a pan with a little bit of oil. Include the onions and add some salt and pepper. Cover it and wait till golden brown. Allot at least 2 minutes for each side if they are diced. Add all the other ingredients in the same pot except for the brown sugar. Sugar will easily burn and it will ruin the entire dish by giving a foul burnt odor and tastes. Do not put water for added sauce. Just add tomato sauce to make it creamier and to never sacrifice its texture. Let it boil for a while then add the sugar. Adjust the heat to low and wait for an hour more. Serve.

What Do People Say About It?

To some, it may be exotic but its taste is not bad. The taste of the elk meat is in between pork and beef. This dish is best served with people who are adventurous and ready for something new. The resolution for letting it breed in captivity and be bred for food is just right.