Boilmaker Tailgate Chili Recipe

It’s Really Lite: Healthier Boilmaker Tailgate Chili Recipe


If you want something lite and healthy then this Healthier Boilmaker Tailgate Chili recipe is the one for you. This chili recipe uses one of the leanest meat out there so you will not be guilty violating your own diet program because of eating some sort of meat. Although it is a chili recipe, its flavorful taste will surely make you ask for a second round of it. If you want to make your own, then you just have to read and follow this simple steps to make this recipe. It may take you around two hours to make it but we are sure it’s going to be worth it.


There are quite numerous ingredients to make this Healthier Boilmaker Tailgate Chili recipe but rest assured it will still become a healthier food for you and your family. You will need the following: one tablespoon of dried oregano, one tablespoon of minced garlic, two teaspoons of ground cumin, one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of cayenne pepper, one teaspoon of paprika, one teaspoon of white sugar, three cups of baked tortilla chips, one teaspoon of ground black pepper, one teaspoon of dried basil, two teaspoons of hot pepper sauce, and a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce. You also need a quarter cup of chili powder, half cup of beer, two pounds of extra-lean ground beef, one can of tomato paste (six ounces), three cans of chili beans (15 ounces each), one pound of diced Italian chicken sausage, three stalks of chopped celery, one can of chili beans in spicy sauce (15 ounces), two cans of diced tomatoes with juice (28 ounces each), one chopped green bell pepper, one chopped red bell pepper, one chopped yellow onion, and one chopped green chile pepper.

Preparation Instructions:

Preparing this food will take you around two hours. First, you need to mix in the beef and sausage in a large pot over medium heat until it turns brown then drain the excess grease. Next, mix in chili beans, diced tomatoes, spicy chili beans, and tomato paste then add onion, celery, green bell pepper, chile peppers, red bell pepper, and beer. Season it with chili powder, garlic, oregano, cumin, hot pepper sauce, Worcestershire sauce, basil, salt, ground pepper, cayenne, paprika, and sugar then let it simmer on a low heat for two hours while stirring occasionally. After two hours, season it again according to your preference. Serve it with baked tortillas on top. This recipe will be good enough for about twelve servings.

What Do People Say About It

A lot of people really loved this recipe. It already became a regular in many houses. Even people on diet get a second plate for this recipe. They don’t have to worry since it’s lite and healthy. Go and make your own Healthier Boilmaker Tailgate Chili now.