San Antonio Chili Recipe

San Antonio Chili Recipe


San Antonio Chili is an excellent chili dish that is suited for all chili lovers. This is also a good beef dish for everyone. If you want a new beef chili dish, then this is perfect for you. It is a great food for dinner and for picnic gatherings.

San Antonio Chili is easy to prepare and you can do it by yourself. No need to wait long hours just to cook the chili food you want. If you want to serve a new and healthy dish to your family, try making this dish and you will love the final outcome.


• Three pounds of coarsely ground beef
• Oregano (one tablespoon)
• Chili powder (six tablespoons)
• Cumin (one tablespoon)
• Salt ( one tablespoon)
• Cayenne pepper ( ½ teaspoon)
• Two cloves garlic (minced)
• Water (1 ½ quarts)
• Tabasco sauce ( one teaspoon)
• White corn meal (¼ cup)

Preparation Instructions:

1. In your Dutch oven, make the ground meat turns into brown and drain.
2. Add water and seasoning. Heat it to boil.
3. Reduce the heat, cover and make it simmer for one hour and thirty minutes. Skim off the fat.
4. Stir with corn meal. Simmer for thirty minutes (uncovered). Stir occasionally.

Note: You can try ground pork or beef as a substitute for chili meat for a fantastic flavor variation.

What Do People Say About it

San Antonio Chili is an excellent food that is easy to prepare and that is according to people who have tried it. At the end of the cooking, their kids appreciate the taste even though it’s a chili food. There was a consistency and it is better compared to traditional chili foods. They will surely make the dish again. They love the flavor of San Antonio Chili and they don’t mind if it’s a bit spicy. They also prefer to use the ground beef over pork. For others, they want a normal spicy food that’s why they did not add much chili powder.

When it comes to the ingredients, they said that they are easy to find that some are already on their fridge and kitchen. The San Antonio Chili is very affordable because they don’t need to spend much money on having the best chili dish they are looking for. They don’t need to spend much time in cooking and after some minutes; they have the chili dish they can serve to their family and friends.